STPS regulatory compliance courses.
Occupational health, industrial safety.

Certified under Mexican regulations (STPT) and the DC-3 is awarded.

  • Forklift operational safety
  • Operational safety in cranes
  • Safety on elevated platforms
  • Safe welding operation
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical safety with NFPA 70E standards
  • Safety in machines and tools
  • Padlocking and tagging (Lockout / tagout)
  • Safety when working at heights
  • Safety in confined spaces
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Introduction of ISO 45001
  • Brigade formation
  • Safety in the handling of containers subject to pressure
  • Accident investigation
  • Global Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Ergonomics at work
  • Safety and hygiene commission
  • Security Leadership
  • Defensive driving
  • Spill emergency response
  • Internal auditors formation
  • Chemical Hazard Communication

and more…


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