In Company Training

Strengthen worker training through the use of learning techniques that allow their intellectual development, emphasizing their human sense by raising awareness about the importance of a safe and reliable work environment.

STPS regulatory compliance courses.
Occupational health, industrial safety.

Certified under Mexican regulations (STPS) and the DC-3 is awarded.

It consists of developing in personnel the work skills required by the company to enhance the performance of a position, optimizing time and resources, thus improving their productivity. In this way, EHSA Programs seeks to break with traditional training schemes, keeping the company’s personnel at the forefront.

We have customer service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Our Instructors

We have a multidisciplinary team, certified under national and international standards, with extensive experience in the safety, health and environment sector, which allows us to effectively interpret the needs and requirements of our clients. This allows our instructors to give a specific focus to the courses, in addition to working on each of these under pedagogical guidelines that will enhance the development of staff competencies.

Our instructors have certification from educational institutions, such as:

  1. KNOW
  2. University Of Texas Arlington
  3. National Safety Council
  4. Texas A&M University
  5. National Fire Protection Association

Our methodology

Our training courses are strategically designed considering the client's needs, with a theoretical-practical methodology. This allows staff to obtain significant learning related entirely to the environment in which they operate and, in addition, to develop work skills that are aimed at improving the performance of their position.

Benefits for the company

  • Be part of the labor market trends in Safety, Quality and Environment issues.
  • Productivity increase.
  • Competent and specialized personnel to achieve goals.
  • Legal compliance regarding training plans and programs, regulations and official standards.
  • Risk reduction through preventive actions.
  • Reduction of damage to equipment and machinery due to lack of knowledge of its operation.

Benefits for staff

  • Development of skills and work competencies.
  • Improves efficiency in job functions.
  • Greater employability.
  • Self-confidence to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Forge the achievement of individual goals within the company.
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